Monday, September 14, 2009


It was a perfect Sunday.Good friend was over, husband was at home, and the weather was lovely.
A lazy start to the day saw us at the "come by chance" Cafe in Picton, a walk through Corbetts and then feeding the reptiles.

We then wandered to the Care flight day at Tahmoor where we wandered around, with the boys doing Bogan spotting. Watched a bogan auction and then photographed a Helecopter and the Roulettes doing a routine.

Lunch at Subway saw me covered in Lift, when my friend dropped his cup as he got up. It was lucky I had crocs on as I could just shower it all off.

The boys moved a snake cage for me into the house which only left time for David to drive straight to work.

OK photo of the day... From Chorazin
Bee on Flower

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