Thursday, September 24, 2009

DUST!! Hell haz arrived!

I wne to work and I usually leave home at 3am, travel to campbelltown to get a train at 4am, and I arrived at work at 5am. At 5am, I noticed a fog had settled over Marrickville. It was not damp though, but I thought no more of it.
Odd weather today -- 5am

At 6am I went out on the balcony to this...
Hell on earth!

at few minutes past 6am, it became this
Sydney Dust Storm
as u can see it was much heavier just before 6 then after 6... still nopne was able to breathe outside. The wind was extremely strong. (Up to 100km/hr)
at 7am I looked out of the window and thought, this is what the control centre of hell would look out on...

Looks like I work at Hell's control centre

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