Monday, September 21, 2009

Worn out!!

A long day yesterday, and an early start today saw us travelling on the trains in the morning peak to meet up with Tim

We met up at Parramatta, as Timmy had missed his ealry train. :) We followed him to the airport where we settled in the food hall. David enterained us and the other table from us but ruining the family shots of the table behind Tim. Cracked everyone up and when the family realised, they laughed too.

We had a coffee on the observation deck then Tim had to go through customs.

David and I left him in the care of PAcific blue, and we travelled to Campbelltown where we decided to do some shopping. I go t a copy of Lesbian Vampire killers amongst other things and fianlly we made it home. David and I are both wiped out.

Fed three out of the four snakes, with Yingarana refusing food.

Eve Eating


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