Friday, October 23, 2009

Australian Reptile Park Schooll Day 3

So I drove across the state to get to the Australian Reptile Park.
No, not really, but it sure seems like it.
Got a nice book on NSW Snakes :)

We started the class in the back areas of the Zoo. Very interesting but a little sad as all the reptiles are in the most basicof cages required to keep the animal healthy. Even the guys who have a small zoo themselves were saying how they hated paper.
The younger members played with the none venemous snakes and there were a few interesting ones. I was trying to upload the pictures but tonight I have a technology fail :(

In the dangerous snakes room, there were the most interesting snakes of all. Rattlers, Cobras a lot of browns and a red bellied black snake. Hard to photograph but awesome to look at. One cobra took exception to people looking at him so he kept striking the glass. :( Poor little snake. Highly strung.

We ended the backroom tour with the crocs. We even got to hold a croc, but of course I get the little girl hand me the croc so my camera and my face coped a smack from a tail.  Never mind. Worse thingscan happen.

Talked about the big salty and then we discussed the pit enclosures with turtles, lizards and a tiger snake.

At the keeper's talk, a lady fainted. People justt don't drink enough water and it was in the mid 30's (Celcius)

After the reptile park, we were invited to go on the survey. YAY!! Of course we have to pay,but at least we did manage to get an exemption. :)

Drove to work to get some sleep..

5 hrs sleep and now I feel ok. AM doing a night shift tonight and for the next few days.  Looks like next week will be flat out.
I did croc wrestling...

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