Monday, October 19, 2009

A bit better

I managed to get a few hours sleep at work (SHHH) so I was able to drive home without incident. :P
I did ring the insurance company and I will be losing all of my $400 I had aside for the coming fortnight off. I will have to do any work that they offer. :( BUT At least my car will be looked at today. The trouble for me is I NEED the car this week to drive to Richmond. My friends in the area have a house guest and so I am unable to crash there. :-( Shame as I don't really wanna drive 2 hrs each way in peak.

The smash repairer did a quote for the insurance company... When he saw me he said "Oh do you need your car washed again?? You don't have to crash it for a wash you know" Cheeky bugger... At least I can get a loan car through him.

A top to tail wax has left me feeling clean and I got a shock when the lady said my husband had paid for it before he went to work...The girls down there love him... We were talking about my snakes and they were asking intelligent questions so I was happy to answer them. They were geniunely interested so much so they I have been asked to bring the gentle snakes down. Apophis stays at home.

Today's pic is from Orangetim... an awesome shot of a squirrel..


Bought a Lamb roast, looks like it will be my dinner for the coming week. **sigh**

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