Friday, October 2, 2009

I slept it away

Spent the day in bed asleep, having been up all night at work yesterday. Seems a shame to waste a day, but can't be helped.
Our friend's last day at work and now he flies out to the US with his family, for 3 weeks. He will be missing David's birthday but as David is going away on an ARHS run, maybe its not such a bad thing.
Apophis seems to have settled in, he is keeping his routine that he had at Tim's place. This is gratifying, as I would hate to have a stressed snake on my hands.
Yingarna is still not eating, but the nights have been coolish (In that less than her ideal 26oC and I have not figuired a way to heat her sleeping box yet. I should get David onto this problem. She is still in good condition., so we have time to work on the problem.

At work, again, tomorrow's shift will be 7hrs due to Australian starting Summer time. Shame I have the worse Sunday shift ever. Bummed.
A little depressed, but nothing exercise won't help with. I really have to move my huge arse. I have a goal of a 96km trek in 2011. I am determined to do it.


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