It takes one thing

to upset the balance of the day.

I went to the airport after work to see some early morning arrivals. Cursing the selection of runways that saw me hunting for a good spot.. FINALLY after three atempts, I settled on the place near the Tower. Not the best as they were using theE/W runway as well as the N/S ones. I only saw the aircraft I was after, when a little girl screamed to her daddy, "Here comes another one" Which made allthe adults turn around.
Too many buildings to get a nice shot. Damn. Almost a wasted few hours. But I got one in the end.

Got home arond 8 only to be dragged out of bed by the sounds of water just before noon. **Sigh**
Still it was a calm and relaxing day UNTIL.....

at 1600 we saw a missed call on my phone and then on David's phone. Neither of us had heard the phones ring. It was Austar who was supposed to turn up between 8 and 1700hrs. They had cancelled our appointment and it was up to US to reschedule.

Yes, we rescheduled, to monday for a cancellation to our service. Rang Foxtel, expecting to have to wait for months to get connected but the guy has us in for Tuesday. David is on late night shift and I should be back from work by then. Awesome. Screw bad customer service.

Am driving the car pool tonight, and got an extra bonus of a dinner, paid for by my passengers. Cool!!

Delta Flight 17

Karaoke?? Get me off this plane


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