Friday, October 16, 2009


 BUT productive.I did travel with David to the Eastern Suburbs to catch the Dawn Princess coming into the harbour, but when I checked the bridgecam, I saw she had already entered the harbour, soDavid pulled over at Wollahra and we grabbed what we could in the dark. A disappointment. Still we hightailed it out of the Eastern Suburbs before morning peak set in.

David wanted to stop near the old Control tower as we had gone to such an effort to do some photography this morning.

My pics are still processing but will upload ASAP. Some workedout very well and I am very happy.


Remembered to get some bedding, my local store does not have Aspen's in stock so I hope Apophis, Lillith and Yingarna donn't mind Reptibark for a little while.

Drue, David, And Evan are at the Buff night, Me and Benny went into town, me to work and Ben to drink at my favourite Newtown pub. GRRR

All are coming to my place tomorrow, but I will ignore them all and sleep.

Snake feeding day. I think I will leave the boys to it and clean cages instead.

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