Wednesday, October 7, 2009


HAve been on morning shift so I did neglect this blog.
A summary
Sat was night shift and then I sleot on the floor at work to start afternoon shift. The is the usualy hullaballoo about Daylight savings, which to me is a pile of dingoe's kidneys. What u call an hour has no bearing on that hour. call 6am 1700 hrs for all I care. It just a name.
Sunday was grand final day I expected a fight aboutu breaks but no the boys looked after themselves. Huh
Monday I did the snakes, I had a quite but sightly melancholy day. Did girly things that girls do when no one is home.
Tuesday Morning shift. AARTGGHHH

Now today. Morning shift with a late night planned. **Grunt** Still it should be worth the effort

NOW Today's pic!
Yoga above the clouds

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