Quiet day 1 October

Was a quiet day. The most exciting thing I did was walk to the shops. Damn it was warm!!Still a nice 3km stroll may kick my huge arse into gear. I do have my gym stuff in the car so I can drop in.
Its been two weeks since my last run.

I did re-commit to better eating habits which is my downfall. The one or two "It won't hurt" Bikkies and chocies have turned into a whole packet, it now MATTERS. Like most addicts, I can't just have one. GRR to self.

An old friend has re-appeared in my life. One step at a time for me, I think. He did disappoint me severely earlier in the year. We shall see.

Two closer friends have uploaded some nice pics. Here is one.

Oil & Chemical Tanker Lauren

and the other
2009-07-06_1631-55 Edinburgh Airport

This was the horror day we had in Scotland that ended up costing me $2500 in extra airfares as they made our flight get cancelled. GRRR I will never see that money again.


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