Friday, October 9, 2009

So it was friday today

I was awoken at 4am, as I had arranged to go to Watson's Bay with Drue and Evan. David came too, as he cannot resist a photo opportunity.

We managed to arrive at Edgecliff, the same time at Evan so wepicked him up. Drue slept in but made good time.

We arrived at Watson's bay at 6:30 am in time to watch the rest of the sun rise. **Cough** It was windy,coldd and miserable. Drue joined us and we watched the Manly ferries get tossed around like corks. We saw a fewget airbourne and then dive into the  water. Amazing  the the service still ran!

At 9ish, we were cold so decided to callit a day.. We went up New South Head road and Drue went via Hopeton avenue. SOOOOOOO
David saw on the horizon, near Macquarie lighthouse, and went to have a look. My poor lens could only make out a gun shape so I rang the boys to come with the Big lens.  With the big lens, we saw the HMAS Ballarat. We watched it for a while, then we high tailed it back to Watson's Bay South Head and we ran to the lookout where we JUST missed it coming in the heads.

David turned around and near had a coniption when in near distance he saw the HMAS Melbourne leaving the Harbour so we got some crossing shots. Worth going back for. A Successful day and I got a new lens. :)
 I now have a Sigma (I can't afford the Canon version at $10 000. Yes, 10K!!)
My sigma weighs a ton. Will be a bitch to travel with. Still!
My new lens

Yummy! I was so excited! Now to have something to shoot. Of course I got it a few hours too late to take photos of the Ballarat or the  Melbourne.

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