Sunday, October 11, 2009


A good day to work. Shame it interferred with last night, I would have stayed on David's train with Evan annd enjoyed my dinner and had a few drinks. As it was I had to rush and then get a taxi to Drue's place to retrieve my car.
Ben was still home so I chatted to him fora little while and eventually got home at 2300. Grr only 3/4 hrs sleep before work called.

Its lonely here at home as ppl are away or working. David and Evan are away in Canberra until monday evening. .

**Sigh** Just me, my work and my snakes. Apophis comes out of his hide and keeps me company. He watches me potter in the kitchen. .

Apophis had his first weanling

Apophis and his first weanling
and Eve and Adam had their first Fussies.

Lillith will get a weaninling next week as I did not have enough.

Snake fee day!

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