Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Today worked out

Personal countdown....8 days This makes me happy **Grin**

Spoke to my BIL last night, he was sorry that he was not able to join me in a drinking session. I still cannot explain my depression.. :(

Still I woke up to a sunny day and a better attitude. :)
I was rostered off today but the roster clerk asked me to work. WHEE!! Overtime for the win.

Whilst at work, I get a phone call, to come in to the assessment centre next friday. There is NO WAY I was oing to give up my planned friday to spend 8 hrs redoing a course. :P So I argued and managed to get what I wanted and I do in next tuesday instead. As my orginal Tuesday plan was wiped out anyway, it will be good to get YET another day in.

For a fortnight that was orginally rorstered as a 6 days in 14, I am now up to 8days :)

Today I am still smiling...
This pic isof Yoshi from Druey's Photostream

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