21st Nov

This is in the shade

been a reasonable week (Except hot). Only a few really bummed spots.
I have had rarely been on the computer, hence the lack of daily blogging.

Threw my hat into a ring I am not sure I wish to be involved in...but you never know if you don't give it a go..

I went to the gym at 2am. It was the only time that I could fit a session in.#grunt worked out well really.
I was really bummed out on Thursday when I missed photographing the HMAS Kanimbla AGAIN.

My car was taken to the smash repairers but returned to me as the painter went into hospital. #Grunt

Iron fist shoes of awesomeness

I got some AWESOME shoes and met some wonderful new people but the week has ended badly, when a close friend found out he has a slight colour vision problem and he needs more testing prior to finding out if he can get the job he is going for. We are all bummed out as we know how much he want this job. :-( And really, how much his family want him to have this job. I was so sure the medical was just a formality. Most of the time it is. Once you get to the medical you are essentially in. To be so close to the prize and not be able to take it is very upsetting.

To him (He knows who he is) Keep trying. Your friends are here to support you and will keep trying to find something suitable. ***HUGS***

Here is Tim's snake Apophis
Apophis (Centralian Carpet Python, Morelia bredli)


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