Sunday, November 15, 2009


yeah, well, after the week of being in the bunker, I was uninspired to do anything but enjoy lfe outside. Serious cabin fever in the bunker.

Aside from the week in Homebush, I was then dragged last monday into a management meeting about the training oackage. Of course management didn't want to offer more days and of course the union didn't want to settle for less days.. SO they all looked to me, as I care for neither party. I am a union member but I was selected for this pilot as I am not afraid of either side.

I did point out that both management and the union were being ridiculous, and I sugested an alternative which they all then ignored and continued to argue, SO I sat back and thought how stupid they were paying me 8hrs pay to be ignored.

Tuesday was off and then I was rostered to be tested for my own job. :-/

It was an assessment on how I react to emergency situations that (Supposedly) happen frequently. I did fine but not to my standards. It surpirses me constantly that we have an 80%pass mark for safety critical assessments. I would make it 95%. No one is perfect, but is essential that you get most things right to keep ppl safe.

ANYWAY even though I passed easily.. I was rather miserable. I then decided to travel back to Tamarama and Bondi to my favourite "Sculpture by the sea"
I had gone after the meeting on monday but had missed some excellent pieces as I had run into my in-laws. I cut that trip short so was cheered by the opportunity to return.

two work days after that had me back in good spirits.

Now a weekend off (YAY!) and the prospect of spending quality time with my son next weekend has me happy. Raring to gett this week out of the way to get to next weekend.

THis weekend though saw me with Peta and her sister Erin. (My sexy girlfriends *Grin*)
We went to the Nickelback concert and had a ball. Drank too much BUT only when I had returned to Peta's place No overindulging in public. I hate crawling over ppl in a concert to go to the loo only to do it again shortly after.

Nickelback (6) photo by Mystify me Concert Photography

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