Sunday, November 22, 2009

Highs and lows

a fun day. Tim did decide to take his car, as his daughter preferred it, but that meant he had to do all the driving. He was welcome to use the forrester, but alas no. Never mind.
We made reasonable time in the stupid f3 which as crap as usual and arrived a shortly after fighterworld opened.
Ben and Drue met us there as they were staying at Drue's mother's place.
Ben and I herded the children around the hanger to try to leave Tim and Drue to take photos.

The children enjoyed it. And after we all had lunch at the cafe. Tim discovered some odd signs..
Love this sign!

Afterwards Ben discovered a praying mantis...The children fussed over that for ages and many photos were taken....

The two kids wanted to go and see the huge spiders at the reptile world. I had forgotten how expensive that place it. Still it is a favourite. We were just in time for the the croc feeding..And the kids ooed and ahhed over the Huge Tranatulas. We spent hours at the Reptile park., only leaving when two tired adults dragged them to the gift shop after premises of souvenirs...Much money later (Sigh) two happy both tired children were tucked in to the car...

Arriving at Ropes Crossing, we came across a brush fire. Interesting to watch the fire brigade put it out.

Small scrub fire at Ropes Crossing 22/11/2009

A day marred with being dismissed with a curt slam and I was into the darkness...grrr I hate being there.. I really do. Mother rang to twist the knife and it send me to the grog. But still only got a few glasses in...decided no one is worth obliterating myself... I would like to be able to see tomorrow without dark sunnies...

SO a day of ups mostly and a big slide down to crawl back again... Can't I just keep and even keel...

42 almost 43oC today.. Am, hot and sweaty a late night shower I think...

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