The last day of october

Thank goodness for the end of this miserable month.
Next month will be better, cause I decree it :)

Evan went with David to chase an XPT down the coast. (Yawn) SO glad I didn't have to go. Work can be handy..(Oh D will kill me for that) But it meant that the boys got home late in the arvo. I  was waiting for ingredients and did not get the cakes done as I had wanted to. :(

Evan took D and me to dinner at  Vabys, I am not sure if Evan actually LIKES Vabys and they are the slowest serving restaurant in the universe BUT it is ok food and not too pricey.. We had lovely cocktails and it did drag me out of my October slump.

Work wise, I got taken off my roster and put on the SOLAR project. Grunties. I have no experience in trialling courses and this interlocking is not even finished. It looks for 5 very LONG, & BORING days. I need to check that I have not lost my weekend work ....bets are on that I have...

Onwards to a more cheerful few weeks.!!!



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