Saturday, November 21, 2009

OK today..

Been feeling flat form a few things that added up to cause a mini rage episode..
Took a snake to see a very sick lady as she requested.. but he husband said she was going out.. Why ask us to drive across town when we can, only to cancel on us. Grr..SO I had an animal in the car which meant I could not just leave the car in the sun.

Inara was very brave and let us keep him in the house whilst we talked.

Driving to Macarthur as I had a few things to buy...Of course all the underground carparks were full with SW bogans drivibg stupidly.. and I get ANGRY in underground carparks so it was more than I could cope with.. so we aborted the shopping venture..
from now until xmas, I will be forced to On-line shop only..It gets earlier and earlier and one day I will never enter a mall ever again...

Fabian and I have been playing Guitar hero and the AC/DC game from Rockstar.. the drums are no compatable... (Grunt) but He had a great time murdering the great ACDC songs... LOL.. He is now singing to other greats and we have retreated to an airconditioned room....
Fabian was introduced to the snakes and watched in fasination at Lillith eating.. He was brave and allowed Eve to slide over his skin. He is not too sure.. but with time he will be fine. :)

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