Ship chasing

The day was dull. As in very very dull. I was glad to have people to talk to.

Went to see the Sun Princess leave Australia but by the time I returned to the signal box, I was stuck with peak hour. SO as an experiment, I avoided the M5 which is a car park and the go cart does not have a toll tag (Stupid me forgot to take it out of the Forrester)

It took 114 minutes to get home. Almost 2hrs.. This was not including the train trip from the Eastern Suburbs.. :-(

The M5 is now worth paying cash for a HUGE difference between 65 mins and 114mins.. All that time lost from my life..

a young friend of mine broke up with her boyfriend and I was trying to keep her from sinking too low, but being exhausted, I was not much help. Tim offered to look out for her as her sister was busy/out?? Dunno. BUT I know her sister would rush to her side  if she was able to.

I have to work on uploading yesterday's pics..


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