a slight improvement

My day was average at best.. my friend seems to still be having horrible days and I feel sad. Its frustrating to be powerless to help someone that is close to you. Especially when you are a fixer.. Its my job to fix. I get paid to fix problems. And in this case I can do nothing but butt out and be a person to talk to.  Grunt

I did make it to the Gym. It was 2am but still I was there and I did think it helped level out my current mood swings..At least I stayed awake unto 10am...

And so the highlight of the day was (besides going home) a pair of shoes that came in the mail. Sad really when the post is a cause for excitement.....
Wolfbeater by Iron Fist

Today's awesome pic is from Tim a master at the Macro tubes.
Eastern Bearded Dragon - Pogona barbata


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