approaching the end

I slept until 1300hrs.. Its the most I have slept in a few weeks. yay! I think.

I was paranoid of the "After xmas" sales but saw something I could not resist. David was feeling a little better and drove me to campbelltown and even avoid the undercover carparks..Aw he does love me.
We allowed 90mins for this expedition.. it took 20. YAY!! The shops were empty, mind you it was after 1700hrs... :)
he lady said she was out of the complete set but I could have the drums only for $30 or the guitar and drums for$39... I have no need of the guitar, but for $9 hey!! Why not. Tim will want one when he gets a PS3..

Just at the point of swiping my card, another lady came up and said she found the game that was supposed to be included, do I still want it? Sure. Again I don't need it, but Robin love AC/DC so why not. :)
SO I got what I went for :)

 Now we had to fill the rest of the time, David suggested Macarthur and off we went. I found a guitar stand and was happy with that but now the time was 1800hrs, all the shops were closing. :( We headed upstairs for dinner, when the excuate alarm went off. EVERYONE just kept doing what they were doing.
Hmm boy who cried wolf around here. We kept eating.

Now I fill in the small amount of time left, wish I had my gym gear too use the time productively.  :-( NOt much achieved but aside from me sinking into a mild depression a reasonably good day. I hope my shift is quiet.. need more sleep....

Tomorrow!! Table Shift!

I like this, from the flickr blog

[Harbor and pier, unidentified location, possibly in France] (LOC)


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