Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing day

Sleeping fail day.
Got home at around 0630hrs after listening to the Wasting Time Podcast. Left a confused message to use my skype credit that skype will steal if I don't use.
I slept like the dead until I was woken up at 11am. :-( Only a few measly hours sleep.. :(

Drove to Penrith to run some errands... I was very upset that the non-public holiday (It is on Monday) that is today, still had all the shops closed. I need  supplies damn it!!
Spent a lovely two hours at Druey's place and stole his left overs for work tonight. hahahahahaha

Druey with Yoshi

Had to drive David all the way back to Campbelltown. Grump, not his fault but he is as sick as a dog and should be off sick. I was now stuck in Campbelltown and no shops were open. I need to get to Kmart. SO I wasted fuel driving home. Only two hours there and back to work

Orangetim has been busy with his photos... :)

David & Evan

Tried to play Band Hero, but the Burnout game was doing a none background upload. **Grumble**

A long and boring night ahead.

Sunset on the Dawn Princess
Photo by Snuff73

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