Sunday, December 13, 2009

damn it!

was supposed to be a wonderful day. It started off wonderful, but a dear friend got horriblly disappointing news part way through the day and the weekend turned sour. It was heartbreakingt to see someone so bubbly and social turn inwards and literally curl inwards. I hate being to helpless. Wish I could remove the hurt. I wish I was a healer. :-/ then at least I could help in some way.

We did take photos mostly of the Pacific Jewel, before going to my work xmas party. Trouble is we got there and no one else was. I rang the organiser and she was running 2 hrs late :-/

We had to leave and we ended up at Druey'as place. I was exhausted, I had been awake since 3am. I crashed as soon as we dropped Tim off.


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