Wednesday, December 2, 2009

EEPP!!!! Assessment day

What a busy day. Seriously this was stress city, no wonder I have grey hair.

I had an assessment for the Trainer's job. If course it is all confidential..**Sigh** but needless to say when people say get up and teach, I was glad that I had previous experience in teaching adults. I am also glad I have a good knowledge of my job, as it certainly came in handy.

To an assessment

I was there with Gavin and we are not ultra competitive, I am happy if he gets the job and he seems to be happy of I get it. The trouble is there is a third person who IS competitive. And he saw us waiting. He was there for 4 hours. 4 HOURS!!! I nearly dies on the spot. I had a dinner guest coming over and then had to get to work for 2130.. AARRGGHHHHH

I got out in time to catch the 1547 driect train to Picton (Thank goodness) and Our dinner guest turned up and hour later.

I had to ring work to arrange an arrival time that was later than normal, but it all worked out. By the time I had put my head down I crashed.

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