Sunday, December 20, 2009

Family Party

Well even though I had every intention of going to be early last night, Erin came over and we drank. This of course brought me  into a depression, being the season for stewing on past grievances. My close friends know why I feel this way so I will not go into it here. BUT Sufficed to say,I should not have continued drinking.. Ah well..

I was up at 0530hrs suffering a queasy stomach, and after sitting up for a while, I managed to get some more sleep. Hangover was to come later....

Dragged out of bed again, I had to managed my self inflicted pain and wrap presents...UGH, organise all the stuff to take to the family and get dressed... All a bit much but I did manage. I even managed to be conservative to not cause a stir.

Picked Fabian up, and soldiered to the Family lunch.. I found it amusing that I wouldd turn up with a hangover in a house of  Teatotallers... BUT as it happens one of the Aunts brought her own booze.. OK it was just Pimms. but hair of the dog... I was happy to drink her concoction..Refreshing..

AS I had made a promise to someone that I would not over do it, I only had one drink. ONE... Kept my promise. YAY!!

We escaped after a few hours and ventured deeper into the shire to try to get Erin a present. David had not bought her anything and the Goddess deserves something..At 1730hrs, I get the call... Can I please come into work at 2am... Rats!! No sleep for me.

12hr shifts are hard. But every bit of overtime helps pay for my credit cards so I was up again at 2340. :(

Have I mentioned I am tired... it seems to be a permanent state for me.

Looking forwards to Tomorrow arvo. :)

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