Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hump day

A bit rushed this AM, had a quick brekkie at the bakery but the lack of cash is biting. I did the right thing removing the main credit card from my wallet. I am so dependant on it that I don't realise how much cash I go through.. I hope to get some of my credit cards paid in the coming year. YAY!

had a bad day at work, I was just not concentrating and made a large mistake. Waiting the bung to come through.. :-( Ah well..

Had some chinese, but as I rarely eat pork, it is upsetting my stomach. Grunt

Still all in all, nothing to complain about. May get to meet a flickr person next week. Yay!

Troy's photos are here..

Erin popped in tonight. She had a minor car accident on the way and was upset by this. Annoying when this happens, but she is fine.

Uploaded many many pics tonight :)

Dawn Princess dwarfs the Queenscliff

David took this picture of Me and Erin.

2009-12-11_0649-55 Erin and Yvonne at Circular Quay

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