The Last Day of the year

Not that tomorrow will have pink seas and black skies with a blue sun or be in anyway different. BUT they will pay me a stupid amount of money to go to work so why not.

Derks was open (YAY!) Tim's cricket feeder was cheap and they had a few boxes of crickets left. I even found a nice climbing stick for poor Lillith whose stick didn't fit in the cage she is in. Derksy was being demanding. I don't mind him, in the way I cringe with most birds and dogs. I can feel bugs crawling all over me. The stupid thing is I don't get this with Cats. Still Derksy wants a scratch, Derksy gets a scratch. Last time he was ignored he bit Tim.

Derksy at derks

No mail today, I watsed my time going to the PO. :( They were open but there was nothing for me :( Grump. And tomorrow there will be no delivery WHHHHHAAAAA Three days with no mail. Hate holidays..

Lets see what the arvo will bring. Update later


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