Thursday, December 24, 2009

Nearly over

This silly season is nearly over. Thank goodness..... its then down hill to the new year. 

Bring it on I say!! I feel I need to recover for 2 days to River Island but I doubt that I will have the energy to drive there. Not with the morons on the road.

Had a pleasant morning and a cafe breakfast with a friend and David. It was just what the doctor ordered. Now to survive tomorrow without have a nervous breakdown and I will be home free. At least for another year. 

I have volunteered to be on call tomorrow. I have nothing to do once, David goes to work in the arvo, and the LAST thing I wanna do is sit alone. Thank goodness for work. YAY!

The panel imploded again today. That is two days in a row. :-(

David spent last night fixing Yingarna's old cage to make it less escape proof. I don't want her to get out again. Its a great set up. The wooden lid is on the lights on new beams and even a new power point in the cage itself, so no longer do I have a gap where the heat mat is. Mega awesome. 

Photo by Drueyjay

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