Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sooooo Tired..

Lack of sleep is catching up.

I went ouot to Watson's bay with Ben and Drue who graciously cameout in the insane AM to photograph ships with me. There were three due in but we were not early enough to catch the first one.

We were in time to catch ships two and three.

So we ditched theDiamond Princess and caught the Pacific Jewel and the Sun Princess. It was a real shame the weather had closed in. :-( Sydney's  harbour is so very beautiful when the sky is blue.

Pacfic Jewel and Millers Point

Sun Princess & The Govenor Phillip

After this Drue drove me home. It is a long way out of his way so I was grateful. :)

Collapsed into bed only to be up shortly after. **Sigh**

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