Sunday, December 6, 2009



There are stellar days in your life that bring all outstanding items together and complete them.

Today is one such day.

I got up and some RIDICILOUS time. Around 4am.. Although Druey's spare bed is one of the most comfortable on the planet, the dogs went silly at around 2am..Me and Evan were awoken with a start. I had convinced Evan to stay at Druey's too so we could got ship hunting in the AM.
It was HARD to get up. VERY VERY Hard.

Anyway a quick Brekkie at Maccas, had us in Double bay around 5:30am, and as I was distracted by the Gem of Safaga that had been moored for ages... I saw by change our quarry attempting to sneak behind the big cargo ship. YES we had missed her coming through the heads.
Gem of Safaga(Photo by Orangetim)

A quick drive into the city, saw us wonder at the police, who had sealed off a one way street (The one we needed) and then Evan found what we were after. A free car park in the CBD. SCORE!! (BTW A guy was murdered I found out later so no wonder the street was off limits)

Volendam arrives in Sydney

We took some magic pictures of the Volendam and then headed to Botany bay with the intention of getting some container ships. Of course Sunday is toooooo quiet.. But some aircraft were spotted.

By the time I had gotten home, I was exhausted and was settled on the couch, when David and I heard and Almighty crash. We thought the wind had blown the door closed but no, it was Yingarna. Our missing baby had come out of hiding. After a month of being missing, she is safe and sound in a cage.

We are all very happy to have her back in safety.

One of the best days ever.

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