I had the best day. As usual the best days are the shortest. :(
Didn't actually do much lazed around all morning and watched an episode of life in cold blood. I am super pissed that it will not be released as a blue ray. BBC keep saying that it was filmed in SD so no HD release. Mega Bummer. SOOOO I found a chap price on Amazon.co.uk. Still PAL and with postage cheaper than the copies on Ebay.

Hate the public holidays, I bitch about PHs every  year and this year is no different. WHY do we have  PH on the 1st day of the year? SO ppl can go and get pissed?? How is this responsible. Go to work you lazy fucks. The 1st of January is the same as the 31st of December get over it. We don't cross a line, we don't win anything. SOME of US KEEP WORKING anyway. In my groups of friends all but one are working. ALl of us have been working through the Stupid season and will still be working through out the year over every PH. Stagger holdays.. do we need all doctors on holidays in December, do beds need to be closed at hospitals cause staff can't be fucked to work over Xmas/New Year. Of course no one gets sick of injured, no one travels, no one shops and buys groceries.

anyway As today I counted as the last day of the year it was the best. NOW I need to make sure I get crickets tomorrow.

Photo by David
2009-12-12_1854-02a Tim Yvonne and Druey at the Christmas tree in Martin Place


  1. I have to disagree with the comment that hospitals close elective surgery over Christmas/ New Year because staff want to take time off. A lot of staff want to work to get extra money for working the public holidays. The Powers That Be (high-up management) do it to save money. Fewer operations = less money spent. For the most part, the beds stay open and are filled with emergency admissions...

    Oh, and BTW, I agree with not needing the public holiday on 1 January. There's no real reason to have one, except to allow people to sleep in after staying up late.


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