Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The World Arrived!!

We got up after not much sleep.......A theme of the year for me I think....
The sun was asleep... the dogs were asleep....I was first up and Koopa next... He got up his masters and slowly, slowly the household got up. Erin is difficult to get out of bed....David jumping on her seemed to do the trick..

We were on the M4 before 0530 thank goodness.... our plan was to liase again at my work and then join Evan at Circular Quay. One of our group was delayed by a minor car accident and this put a small cloud of doom over the group..
BUT in spite of our little cloud, we ventured out and determined to have a good time.

The world was LATE. Damn it..Evan had to go to work before she arrived and David couldn''t stay as he had a meeting at 0930. :-( Erin, Tim, Druey and I stayed to the very end. My new camera is a dream to use.. Thrilled with it. Also I am giving up my dependence on the tripod for the 500mm lens, preferring the monopod.. **Satisfied**

After a refreshing Iced chocolate at Gloria Jeans we split up to our various places of work. IN all a good day with only a few dark spots. WIN!!

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  1. lovely shot, so why u like the 7D so much more


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