Saturday, December 19, 2009

worn out.

A tiring day. One of a few and very rare days off and all I have done is run around.  Late nights and early starts are killing me.

Sleep, need sleep..
We grabbed some crickets for the lizards... I have to separate them tonight or tomorrow am.  David them made sure we caught the 10 something train to town  to photograph the Silver whisper and then an Xmas party. **Sigh** I don't even celebrate Xmas and here I am going to xmas parties... yet to go to one I want to be at... Oh wish this stupid season was over and People can just go to work without all these crowds.

We took the ferry to Milson's point to photograph the cruise ship when around the corner came the Maersk Radford with two tugs the Karoo and the Woona

I had to report to Redfern and I tried to enjoy myself but someone made a sexish crack and I lost it. My tolerance is low when I am this bone tired.

Very very happy to be home. Was thinking of going to the pub with Erin but I can't manage going out.

Night all!!!

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