A VERY VERY long shift at work, and survived my lack of sleep...I had 4 lizards at work. Odd but the manager didn't seem to mind. PPL here cooed  over him and the ppl who I thought would have a problem, were no problem.
David picked me up after dropping Evan's two lizards to him. The car was stuffed with ppl, presents and Guitar hero stuff..

 A minor bitchfest blew out but the dust was settled rather quickly.... as the sour puss was largely ignored, and everyone else had a good time.
We opened presents for the celebration of the solstace, and the others saved some for their xmas in a few days.. I was blown away by David's sneakiness. In the time he had my camera, he had traded it in for the new model I lusted after. I was stunned.. He knew exactly what I wanted. :)

I hope my friends were happy.. I did think I was in trouble with one close friend, but I had taken ages to find the perfect thing and had managed to keep it a secret for AGES... It was killing me. Least he is using it. :)

Tim met his new Pets....:) Who seemed to take to him. YAY!

We rocked the rest of the night to various Guitar Hero games. Tim did the vocals with the others "Helping" him, bringing his score

After a 22 hr day I was happy to lie down. ...if for only a few hours...Up at Sparrow Fart hour tomorrow


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