Wednesday, January 13, 2010

the 13th Day of the year

You have to like January for the ease of knowing what day it is... :)

I was on table so I was sent out to Maccas to retrieve the 2am sunday run. Of course.  There are worse duties I can tell you, but by the time I had returned, Megan had been left out so I felt awful. :( I never intended to leave her out.

I settled back into my arm chair but ended up snoozing for an hour or two.  No more TV. As I was held up this morning, I decided to retrieve the Crickets from Tim and therefore assist his commute home.
I arranged it with him, but thinking David was asleep, neglected to leave a message at home. Ooops.

I spent the time between my arrival and Tim's finish time perusing the walking track near the hospital. The night/morning before a body was found hanged there... but the site is extremely beautiful in the morning light.

I captured a few late dawn shots with the iphone.. which was lucky. I was playing with the expsoure setting on the phone.


ANYWAY.. We headed to his place, I got my crickets and headed south.

Poor David was worried about me as I had not left a message. I am sorry I caused his stress. Next time I shall make sure I leave an SMS.  **Mebad**

I got home in time to wave David off to work and the snooze.

In the Arvo,  I dragged my sorry arse to the post office where me PS3 was waiting for me. Just as well I had not gone on the way home or I would have had NO sleep.

Now I set bout transferring all the stuff of David's old PS3 to my shiney new one. It was easy to do EXCEPT.. it all came to a grinding halt when the shaping meant that I could not update either machine to the new software.. ARRGHHH

David and I set off to See Druey the grand Poobah of IT things (Not MAC related)  He graciously allowed me to leach his bandwidth to get my updates, steal food, play with his dogs and husband then leave.

Druey left to get Tim and sail off to work. David and I showed Ben some awesome PS3 games and then headed home ourselves.

I spent the rest of the evening doing this project....Being shaped is so CRUEL!!!

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