Friday, January 22, 2010

33 long hours

  As I finished work, I dottered around the signal box. tried to get some sleep, but was mostly an epic fail.
The Boss boy did not arrive at 5am, and when I left at 10am, I still had not sighted him. The promotion form needs his signature prior to Monday, so , I rang Steve my rostering officer instead. He said not to worry, just fax it to HR. I would be happier if I had Bb's signature though.

I ventured into the 40C heat to find Furr. Furr is a colour specialist. I am sick of paying twice for hair colour and never being entirely happy with the result. This time, I had saved $500 to get it done my way. I was excited. I had allowed the whole day for this appointment.

I was early so had an iced coffee and banana bread as breakfast at a nearby café. Tim ( a guy from work,GD1, not OT) was there so we had a natter over coffee.

Arriving at Furr, I instantly felt conservative. Lol. In Picton, I stand out, but here, old fuddy duddy.

Alex talked about what u wanted and did I know the Manic Panic colours? (of course I do!)
He cut my hair first. Very short for me, it is much lighter now. Then the epic bleaching started. It took an hour to cut, three hours to bleach as it had to be done in sections, then an Hour to dye.
My arse was numb.

$340 later, I was happy with my hair colour for the first time in years.

Met David at kelly's for a delicious lunch then, the orginal plan was to go to the harbour, David had kindly dragged my camera case around, but we took the bus to Broadway to find a game for Drue.
The shop in the city had none, but he told me the store at Broadway may have. So we went in and found two 2nd hans copies. One missing the manual. Grunt. I talked to the assisstant about matching the city store price, as his used copies were $10 MORE than the city store's NEW price but no dice.

We walked.
On our way out of the shopping centre, we spied EB Games. So we had a look. Two NEW copies, (SCORE) but will they match Game?? I looked sad, tired and beraggled near tears & the guy said yes. (SCORE AGAIN-WIN) so mission complete. We had run out of time, so D and I travelled to CBT So he could start work.

I traveled back to Sydenham via Liverpool & Bankstown with D letting me off at the door. Almost anyway.

Thank goodness for table shift. Will have to work out how to put pictured on here tomorrow.



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