Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another great day

Another lazy morning.

Reptiles (Lizards) fed, Took poor Spot out into the sun in his box so his full tummy could be warmed. Poor guy needs a heat mat but I can put him in the sun tomorrow. (Night shift)
Got the lady's gun, dunno why she wanted it, but she does, so I have to post that tomorrow.

On the way to work, I stopped at the Meat Bombing range to try tophotograph the meat bomb aircraft landing. As it was a leap out of the car, I don't think I get anything. :( Will have to look in a minute.

Same good crew on this arvo. No bitching, no arguments. Very pleasant.

Edit: Spoke too soon. **Groan**

ALSO I hadleft my camera on 6400 ISO so screwed all my pics. **Sigh**

Meat Bombs

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