Catching up on sleep debt..

After I got home, I stayed up, watching my lizards eat their breakfast..Fiddled with Vidzone which was causing me at 8am managed to get to sleep. Had a pleasant day, even after I woke up, watching some History channel shows that I had recorded. In bed. With the Aircon on. It has been  very hot so life is unpleasant outside of my nest. To save power David and I really only aircon the bedroom, as sleep is so vital to me and David

Played a few games, when it occured to me that for once, I did not have a clue where my phone was. When I found it in the late arvo, I had a lot of messages and a few missed calls. Thankfully David rang and attracted my attention to my plight.

The end of the month is looking exciting.whee!!!

I had the BEST day in a long time.

Our small, cheap, easy holiday has become a production and I have a huge headache over it. :( I wantmy whole group of close circle to go and not leave man behind, but cost is a factor that cannot be ignored. Also Children must be taken into consideration. **Sigh** The childless vs the parents.

Ah well...

A photo of Apophis from Orangetim

Apophis (Centralian Carpet Python, Morelia bredli)


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