Sunday, January 17, 2010

Grunt. A shit Day that got Shittier

David went out last night with some friends and missed the last bus home. OF course it was buses, the trains were not running due to planned trackwork. **Grunt** SO he went to his friend's house to await the first train.

He got home at 7am. I woke up in a panic, first time in years. Not liking this development... BUT must have gone back to sleep as he was there when I woke up again.

Work was hell again. Same people... same sniping. Luckily Liverpool was hectic so I didn't even have time to even cook dinner.  Track work, points testing works trains moving in all directions. Crews trying to run over other crews in their rush to get home.

Had to test all the points and signals in all 6 interlockings. No one thought to man the EastHills Panel until After 2am. :-/ Helpful, NOT.

When I FINALLY got out of work, I was worn out, tired and more than annoyed.

The Tunnel was closed. The traffic trying to get to Forrest Rd was so extremely heavy that I bailed and headed to Rockdale. I ended up having to take the F6 to Appin Rd so my 45 mins drive home became 100 mins. ARRGGHHHH
At Kirrawee there was a 5 car pile up as some nutter ran a right turn. Very happy when I returned home. David was just happy to see I had made it in spite of all the obstacles.


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