First hot day this year. I am lucky as my husband installed an air-con in our bedroom a few years ago. SO I can sleep through the day. Its days like this that make me happy I live the vampire life.  Our work goes to shit in the extreme heat. By the night, trains have usually returned to normal.

Tim's first night shift in 8 years means I have a friend on my hours. I am happy with this, he is less so... Poor day walker..

No fires in our area and this meant I did sleep a perfect photography day away but Que sera, sera.

Can't get a male bimbo to grasp the concept of Humidity and evaporation.Its not brain surgery, but some ppl just don't wanna know how things work. As long as a sales man tells them its OK then I must be wrong. This old girl will laugh when it all goes horrible next humid hot day.

SO Over helping the Ungrateful.

In other news... um...No other news. Life continues as before....
Photo from David
2010-01-01_0000-34a New Years Eve fireworks at Circular Quay


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