Saturday, January 16, 2010

More Arvo hell

I drove Leo into work this afternoon. It was a pleasant drive and I arranged to swap jobs with his so he gets the table shift anf I get his Hurstville shift. We were both happy with this arrangement. I do like to be busy and arvos are just plain boring most of the time.

All was goign well unto a colleague started his sniping on me. I have no idea why this guy loathes me so much, I have never done anything to him, rarely speak to him etc.. but I have come over the years to accept it and I ignore him. Todya though he was at me for 8 hrs solid. That takes a toll. Even Tom told him to lay off.

I had a pleasantly busy shift other than that.

Drove Leo home and then played my PS3 for a few hours before David's return to home base from the Buff night. 

My Lilli was sleeping funny

This Jungles of from Jungles2 a Jungle Python breeder

Picture 568

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