Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The network collapses

OMG! The arvo started quietly when around 1530hrs, a train struck a person. OK this does happen and we are all trained to deal with it. Our crew swung into action, all jokes gone, and we arranged yoyo services buses and had other train crew informed within a few minutes. Stations worked with us and it was working nicely. Then the illawarra junction had a failed set of points. Now everythings was screwed. Except the Southern Highlands and the North coastline, every line had delays. There was even an overhead down in the mountains stopping west trains from arriving into town. If you were on the trains today, you were going no where.Of course the public will complain, but bitch to the suicider, the weather and shear bad luck that made things break all at the same time.

Spare a thought for the train crew before you complain about being late home.

Personally I was sick with a severe headache all day. Dealing with emergencies whilst finding it hard to focus was not fun. I wanted to curl up and sleep. Hoping to sleep it off.

Drue turned up to pick up his game and some magazines for Ben. Was nice to see a friendly face.

Off to bed. I hope tomorrow sees me feeling better but I have a feeling it will be another dragging myself through the day type of day.

Pic from Australia Day by Gary Hayes

Postcards from 2010 Australia Day 009

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