Thursday, January 7, 2010

oops the week has past

Almost...Been a lot of downs this week. A nice highlight in the middle, but otherwise a bit drab/bummer sort of week.

Monday was another night shift,a day in so I can't complain. I could have just said to to OT. Dull as it was East hills and that was running OK.

Tuesday saw me having a Pyjama day. Not much was achieved, but I did get up early. Partway through the Day, Drue asked us out for dinner, so we went. Both David and I were in need of some company. Poor Tim has received his letter today Officially rejecting his application. He was understandably upset as were we as we were so very sure he was in.  The railway have lost a valuable asset that they could have had. We all think the company is losing out. Doesn't help Tim though. Oh to have some clout at work. :(
Drue took us to one of his pubs, but the place had changed hands and was disappointing. We drowned our sorrows at Coldrock and Officeworks. The played Guitar hero the rest of the night.

Wednesday was supposed to start in a lovely way, but was a fail. No one was able to get what they wanted out of it so I ended up going to work upset instead of relaxed.. :( I  would like to run wednesday again please...

Today was another arvo shift. Boring. Glad I was buzzed this am. Did disturb D which is annoying. Poor boy needs to sleep. D has a new trainee who I quite like. She is intelligent and a nice change from the bimbos..

I bought the bigger PS3 as I have filled up David's 40GB one. Happy the old one will be going to a good home.
Ah well. Lets hope the weekend is more of a winner.

This photo was taken by my darling husband
2009-12-31_2142-38a G513 and G514 on 9L03 being passed by an XPT at Sydney Terminal

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