Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pj Day..

I missed most of today, I got home form work after David had to rescue me as THERE ARE NO TRAINS on the weekend.. Afte least after the 0604 leaves then the next is 0830hrs. What evil arsehole thought up this timetable..Seriously to make it worse, there are not connecting city trains to bring you to the 0604 anyway.

I was going to go into town to catch the Sun Princess at dawn, but I got an offer of a lift to Leumah so I took it.

The day was over 40C but my house delt with it. We didn't even need to the Aircon in the office. Only the ceiling fans in the lounge. Insulation is the Awesome and shutters of course!

I went shopping with David and we had not done a shop for ages. Poor David, it came to around $700.. eep....Mind you, there was an LCD in there for $300 so it wasn't all groceries..We did buy a shit load of lamb as it was on special (Thanks Sam!!) and we both like it.

Gunna try the lizards on mangoes, apples and grapes as a change for them.. otherwise they will not get a variety of foods or vitamins..

otherwise I had dinner with David, had a dram on whiskey and then nothing. I have meandered around, achieved nothing and of course now can't sleep. Damn. STart Arvos again tomorrow, and I am most unhappy with doing them. I usually get stuck with the worse ppl . :(BUT two words keep me going - Double time..

Druey was busy, the exact oposite of me, but he was lovely in inviting me to go to his place this evening. He has his father over and I did refuse but he knows how much I hate evenings alone atm and so it was a nice gesture. Friends FTW!!

Photo by Garyhayes
First Leica D-Lux4 Test Shots 03

May try to fiddle with Wordpress, still unimpressed atm... too hard to modify to my liking.. #Grunt

hmmmm. must empty the pantry and start from new....or just play my PS3...

This study in temp extremes is by Crouchy69
365 project - 19 01 10

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