Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Poor Tim

Tim survived his first night shift. He does 10hrs which makes nights LONG but profitable. I was chatting to him on the way home, but I was home by the time Tim go to the end of his shift.

He got to his car when Disaster Struck,
WHen I went to bed, Poor Tim was stuck at his work car park, with his stricken car. He was awaiting the NRMA when I crashed. I couldn't remain awake. The poor guy was still awake after noon, his car eventually towed to Volvo for repairs. The fuel pump?? Anyway this leaves him carless and is an outlying suburb this is not good....

I hope his car is repaired soon, but until then he must learn the art of commuting.. With no sleep it didn't bode well for our Safety Officer to survive his second night shift.

I was on table so I am settling in to a night of Hogan's Hero's and a German war movie. It looks quite good..


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