Sunday :)

It Poured and if it wasn't raining, it was drizzling. Grunt. Our attempt at getting some nice shots in the city was an epic failure,but I had good company so I was not fazed too much. I was essentially stuck in town and couldn't go home for sleep, so I may as well have good company.

We took a ferry across the harbour to see is anything was at white bay. Nothing. The Harbour was quiet. JUST as we were getting drowned... we saw two interesting ships.  Both navy ships so I was happy although it is hard to shoot a grey ship on a grey harbour with a grey sky..

This is the HMAS Adelaide, the Navy ship involved in the Children overboard scandal, now awaiting skuttling. :(

HMAS Adelaide FFG 01

and a ex Navy Diving boat now a corporate runabout.

We alighted at Darling Harbour to walk back to the station as we had a snake to rescue. Also I wanted Tim to see the place where these animals get rescued to. :-/
It was easy to find, and our nasal passages had to shut down at the smell of the mangy dog. I don't deal well with dogs at the best of times and this creature is a nightmare to me. Still the snake we were there to pick up was a nice little carpet, it was in good condition and after Tim and me having a good look at it, it was decided to take it.

We headed for Sizzler for a de-tox (They have hand sanitisers)

We were dropped at Yagoona station and David and I headed to Sydenham where I was hoping to catch up on more sleep.

Now to find somewhere to house this little guy..

A rescue.


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