Sunrise La Parouse 21/01/2010

I spent the AM playing LBP with Druey and Ragnarok online... It was a little surreal... David cooked some chicken Kebabs just in time for me to go to work. I keep telling myself  "Its double Time"Just can't get motivated.

I am on Meeks rd, but have to liaise with Sefton panel. Whilst on a break, I took a call from Operations. The bridge replacement didn't work (Huh??) so buses will be in place for tomorrow's Peak.Oh goodie.

The night wasn't so bad as I did have people to talk to late at night. My iphone was an epic fail. I managed to restore it after 2 hours.BUT no music will sync. Ah well at least I can talk to ppl.

Sunrise La Parouse 21/01/2010, originally uploaded by snuff73.

and a cute shot of me favourite pair

46376  7 10x10


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