Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Um what happened??

Slept in to 10am, not a through sleep, it was snatches of an hour or two at a time...but I decided after 10am. to go and register my car.
Drove to Narellan and back, having lost my ATM card (Since found) I felt the drive was a bit of a waste. BUT I have a shiny new Green sticker...

Druey and Ben arrived to take possession of Spot, my lovely carpet snake..and they brought a lovely chocolate cake to sooth my motherly nerves. Always sad with a creature under your care leaves home.

We played Little Big Planet, Drue really getting into it all whilst we waited for David to return home.
Spot was hot when we went to pack him so he was in his water dish. HE now has the knick name of Wet Spot..

A wet spot

At 6pm, I got a call which I refused to answer as it was the house phone...The roster clerk, was in a Jam. The campbelltown crew had three ppl off on Holidays and the last one is now off sick. They had no staff even remotely qualified to work the box. The last time I was there was 2006/7 on Jan 1. Hmm I am not up to speed on the box and have not worked a manual box since then..

Well he will get the arvo guy to extend and cover my reviewing and I take up at 2am to work the AM  peak. Well it is working two grades lower  and getting my grade;'s money. I would be a fool to say no. BUT as David says, I will have to concentrate so I don't fuck it up.....It is a manual box after all..

Excitied as it is a change of scenery and for once I am within 50KM of home.. YAY!

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