We will now return to normal programming

After a stressful night of paranoia, I collapsed into bed. The shift was interesting but I was terrified of making a horrible mistake. I did delight in actually being able to Signal again instead of computer based work, but the interlocking has some tight crossings and some funny ticks that make it hard to settle into a routine.
I felt like a beginner, when I first walked in but had settle a little by the time Dave walked out at 2am.
A NOS turned up at 4am, which was puzzling.Why is he here?? Then I was reminded that this is just what they do every morning. They come and natter to the staff, distracting them in AM peak, to ensure you screw things up. GRR.. I was happier with the quiet.
Night view from Campbelltown box
My phone had been left behind at work, and poor David (Husband) had to put it on the last train for me. It them decided to fail and become a brick for an hour. PPL thought I had died...ARRGGHH

Campbelltown panel

OK I was happy to snuggle into bed at 7am thoroughly exhaused. Its been 4-5 years since I had to work for a living...

I slept the day away which was just as well, getting up at 2pm. I watched a TV show with David, got the mail but the heat left me feeling sick so after 2 hours of being awake, I returned to bed.

I am certainly a vampire... **Sigh** Bright light gives me a headache, heat makes me ill.. huh I should move to Scotland...

Went to workk with David, and as we arrived at his work, I got a call from the roster clerk.. (Uh oh!!) Can I work my only night off.... YTF not. Its not like I get a day off or two anyway...

Looking forwards to a relaxing (If expensive) hairdressing session.  Bummed that I will not get to go home at all tomorrow.. :-/And I will not be able to sleep either.  Must stay tired to rest for Saturday Pajama Day.

Bring on the end of the month..

Damn!! No camera for tomorrow either.. NOOOOOOO :-( I'll bet the weather will be perfect,..


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