Saturday, January 16, 2010

The weekend brings me closer

To days off and night shift. The nasty crew is on again, but this time I have no allies. I am trying to stay out of the line of fire, but the war seems to continue in my direction.  Trench digging time.(aka iphone with earphones on)

Me pouting for some reason

Went for a trip to Wollies to get Lizard veggies There were none in the fridge this am. Coles has had really BAD vegetables recently, and the lizards looked a little sad today..

Flat out like a lizard

Wondering if my father ever delivered the game console to Fabian he promised him in June 2009...I saw one on sale at EB Games for $122 so was tempted to just get that one so the poor kid has the thing. Its not fair he has had to wait this long.

Had a healthy lunch, then ruined it with Caramel thingies.. The sugar high was intense and I dropped off to sleep in my chair. #grunt. Must not do that again..

This came under the WTF category. It was a thick book too...
Looks like David is going out tonight.

wonder w

David, Druey and Evan arrived home after the Buff night around 1:30am. They then set about organising their Grand tour of QLD. It was 3am before I managed to get to bed and they were still going.. **Groan**
I can't wait up for off peak data usage. The 4am start is just too late even for me. Maybe if I had the day off the next day, but by 3am I am stuffed.

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